Six Signs It Is Too Late to Save Your Job

Is it too late to Save Your Job?

Save Your JobThere’s nothing to equal the anxiety you feel when things are not going well at work.  You take it home with you, lose sleep over it and it becomes your first waking thought.

I know; I’ve been there.

In my long career, I’ve experienced the highs of being promoted five times in one company and also the lows, when I was close to being fired.

Sometimes the anxiety is triggered by an unexpected remark by your boss or gossip repeated by your peers.  Other times, it’s nothing overt, but still, you feel something is different, and not in a good way.

How do you tell if this is paranoia on your part or for real?

My advice to know the signs if it is too late to save your job?

Don’t wait until you are actually confronted by your boss.  Look for signs early and often.

Here are six signs it might be too late to save your job:-

  1. Your boss never has time for you.  I mean never.  It’s been weeks since you had a conversation of more than a “yes” or “no. “ Further, there’s been a noticeable reduction in face time with him/her from what you previously enjoyed.
  2. The tenor and tone of the conversation with your boss changes.  Remember the easy camaraderie and jokes you shared?  Gone.  Remember you use to be privy to inside information.  History.  Your boss’s tone is now terse and all business.
  3. The conversation stops when you walk into the room.  Okay, maybe not everyone clams up.  But you definitely notice that colleagues who used to smile and start a conversation with you no longer do.
  4. It’s been months since you’ve gotten feedback on your performance, good or bad. Most bosses hate to deal with performance problems.  They avoid, post phone and hope the offending employee gets the message without having a confrontation. Perhaps your boss has even cancelled the scheduled performance review you put the calendar.  Not a good sign so it could be too late to save your job.
  5. You are not included in important meetings.  Maybe you fell off the distribution list for that management meeting?  Maybe it was just an oversight?  But if it happens more than once, and it’s a meeting that directly impacts your area of responsibility, take immediate notice.
  6. Lunch invitations trickle to nothing.  It’s especially damaging if this happens with your bosses’ other direct reports, who you formerly would share lunch with.  The political winds may have shifted, and now they are in the know and you are not.

Be aware that changes in your boss’s behavior can occur when it has nothing to do with you.  For example, your boss could have a new boss and the pressure has been ramped up.  Or the company has a new focus, and your boss has much more responsibility.

Those are all plausible reasons for some of the signs it could be too late to save your job  above.

However, if most or all are occurring, the pink slip isn’t far behind.

Don’t wait until you can check off all six signs, get information today on how you can reverse it or be proactive and start looking for a job.

Explore your next step.

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