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Leading can be hard.

You probably have a great set of technical and/or creative skills or you wouldn’t be in your current position. You know you have the potential to grow even further. Perhaps you’ve inherited your staff, facing leadership challenges you never anticipated — from thorny human resources issues, such as coaching an under-performing staff member to an unavailable boss. You need strong leadership skills to build your team and reach your potential as a leader.

You can’t be an expert at something you never learned!

Perhaps you’ve read “leadership” books or taken leadership-executive coaching workshops, and yet you are still not clear on how to tailor those leadership techniques to your situation. The solutions all seem too boilerplate. Well, it’s been proven that attending leadership or executive coaching classes or reading management training books alone will not change your behavior or approach. (You’ve probably proven this to yourself.) And you are faced daily with issues that you need to resolve now.

Don’t give up – there’s a way to broaden your leadership skills and perform at a higher level.

Hello, I’m Dale Kurow, Executive Coach

For over ten years, I’ve worked successfully with executives just like you, helping them to overcome barriers that previously seemed insurmountable.

Only by having a caring, committed partner by your side will you get the customized support you need to make lasting behavioral changes. I offer that level of support and experience.

What you’ll learn in the course of honing your leadership skills:

  • Leverage and reinforce your strengths.
  • Discover new approaches to managing that build upon your current style.
  • Meet your department objectives in a more timely fashion and with ease.
  • Communicate more effectively with your staff.
  • Forge alliances and strengthen critical relationships.
  • Polish your leadership style.
  • Gain more confidence and poise.
  • Improve your overall performance and attitude.
  • Build leadership skills that you can use in any position, company or industry.

Dale Kurow, Executive Coach, helping you move your leadership and management skills to the next level.

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