It’s great to have a page on your blog for to recommend to your readers products and services you use.  This is great for two main reasons.

First, it is helpful to your readers since you have done the research for various resources in your niche.

Second, this is an opportunity for you to make money with your website by leveraging referral and affiliate programs.  Most products and services have affiliate programs.  If you just look around their website or type in Google “(product name) affiliate program”, you should be able to find quickly in how to access it.

Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you will get a special link that will give you credit for sales when people click on it a buy.  The best place to practice this is to sign up for Amazons Affiliate Program.

Once you have your links, you can plug them into a very special tool we included on your blog called Pretty Link.  You can take whatever links you choose and hide your affiliate link and make it memorable.  See the below photo for an example on how to use this:

Here is a list of our recommended products and resources for you to get your online business rocking.  Feel free to take this information and use it as your own:

Example Resources Section:

Below is a list of our favorite resources to help you build your brand online. You will only find recommendations here for products, services and tools that we actually use, have used in the past or have fully reviewed.  We are most likely also affiliates of some of these products and suggest after you buy that you become one too!  Which also means we might make money when you click those little links so click them and enjoy! : )

WordPress Training

WordPress Classroom - The most comprehensive WordPress training on the internet.  Learn to move swiftly and easily through the WordPress dashboard so you can truly harness the power of your website.  This video training portal comes in “bite size” pieces so you can go at your own pace in mastering creating content, enhancing your blog with powerful marketing plugins, building membership sites an much, much more…

Build a Bigger Email List

Popup Domination - The #1 must have plugin we recommend everyone buy.  This simple plugin will help significantly increase the speed at which you build your email list. Not only that, it is elegant and will help you appear more credible online.

Email Marketing

iContact - By far our favorite email marketing service and the one we use daily.  What attracted us most to iContact is a scalable service, high deliverability rates (meaning the emails you send will not get flagged as spam or junk mail before hitting the subscribers inbox), excellent customer support and great tracking to test the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

After trying many of the top services out there, we’ve drawn the conclusion, that although good, they do not have all of the features that iContact provides.  The icing on the cake is that you can get started with a FREE account with a 500 email list subscriber capacity.  We are positive you will blow past that in no time, so with a few clicks you can upgrade to whatever you need.

Get Leads and Sales from Facebook

FBInfluence - Facebook is a GOLDMINE for driving traffic and creating “super fans”.  We have been using it for years and this course is the most comprehensive and up to date training on Facebook taught by “Facebook For Dummies” author Amy Porterfield.  Amy reveals to you her simple strategies to explode your Facebook traffic to your site, how to get leads and make more profits. She has done social media for Tony Robbins, so you know shes good!

Get Traffic To Your Videos

Video Traffic Academy – This course will take you step-by-step in creating simple videos to put on YouTube that get 1st page Google results.  So basically you can suck traffic from Google to your product or service even if your are scared to make videos.  James Wedmore will teach you everything you need to make compelling videos (with the most basic equipment) even if you don’t want to be on camera.  :-)

File Sharing & Storage

Dropbox – The world was in awe when this gem hit the market.  Now you can drag files right from your desktop and drop them into a virtual storage space.  The files remain secure in the cloud and are accessible from anywhere; even your mobile devices.

Online collaboration makes Dropbox an extraordinary service.  Let’s say you are working with a video editor across the world and they need to securely send you a large file.  Just pop them an invite to your shared Dropbox folder and they can upload the file instantly to your account.  They even have a really cool marketing strategy that you may learn something from.  Taking freemium to the next lever, you can sign up for a FREE 2GB account and tack on up to 16GB just for inviting friends to free accounts.  When you are ready for for more storage space, you can get 50GB for only $9.99 per month.  We don’t say this often, but Dropbox is a must have for every entrepreneur!

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