How to Improve Your Confidence at Work

Confidence at WorkIn my work as an executive coach, I hear clients complain that they feel that they are in a rut at work.
While commitment and goals are important,  they long for more creative work, for more responsibility, and for more satisfaction in their careers.


Worse, they feel their confidence is at an all time low.


If changing jobs in this challenging economy is not in the cards for you, here’s what you can do to improve your confidence at work, in the office right now:


Start wearing those nicer clothes and suits you’ve been saving for…what? When you have a special occasion? Now is the special occasion. You will immediately feel better when you look better, and others in the office will notice.


If casual attire is the norm, upgrade your appearance, with a modern haircut, briefcase or accessory. Again, there is an amazing positive spillover that will uplift your attitude when you are paying attention to how you look.


Take the stairs at work once or twice a day, instead of riding the elevator. It will help your waistline, invigorate you and that can lead to more energy.


Speaking of energy, when was the last time you felt excited about going to work? Start with your attitude. Decide that you want to be happy and you want to feel better and more confident. There’s truth in the old saying “fake it till you make it.”


Decide to surround yourself with positive people at work.  Negative people and negative energy has been proven to sap brain power and your ability to perform at higher levels.


Volunteer for a project (at work or outside work) that will draw upon unused talents and skills. You will feed an area of your brain that needs it, that in turn will lead to more satisfaction, a more confident you and confidence at work.


Want one-on-one help to build your confidence at work and boost your career? Take the next step now.


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