I couldn’t ask for anything more when my clients offer their wonderful positive support.

“I am an investment banker with a top ten MBA. I wouldn’t settle for just any executive coach. What sets Dale apart from other coaches is her real-world business experience and an adaptive style she brings to her work. Dale’s advice is practical and effective. If you haven’t ever used a career coach, or have had lukewarm success with others, I highly recommend that you try working with Dale.”
- Kumar, S., Senior Associate, Investment Banking

“Dale is a great coach; she has an extensive corporate and Human Resources background. She quickly grasped the business issues and designed a program that was ideally suited to our needs. I would recommend her without reservation.”
- Gregory R., VP Human Resources, Fine Art Auction House

“As a senior HR executive with over 20 years of experience, I was at a crossroads in my career. When I was at my lowest point, Dale stepped in and totally refocused my energy. With her very personal and caring style, she helped me understand what is important to me personally and from a career perspective. I give Dale tremendous credit for helping me find a position, in some ways a new start, that 6 months ago I wouldn’t have believed to be attainable.”
- Cindy D., Sr. VP Human Resources, Fortune 500 Company

“Dale is a calm and centered person. With her help, I was able to identify my strengths, weaknesses, values and passions which has led not to only greater satisfaction in my current job but also a clear understanding of my next move. She gave me the tools I needed to influence my staff, my colleagues and superiors to get what I want.”
- Kimille P., VP Registrar Department, Fine Art Auction House

“Dale is a caring and devoted coach. She helped me find myself professionally. I am absolutely certain that Dale is the person who gave me the confidence to move forward with my career, and in doing so, significantly increase my salary and my self-esteem. I did it because of her remarkable ability to bring out the best in me.”
- Liz D. Associate Director, Special Events, Non-Profit Nature Preserve

“Dale helped me reach goals I never thought I could reach at my job. With her guidance, patience and advice I was able to get a promotion that may not have happened for a year. She showed me how to overcome obstacles that I would not have otherwise seen as holding me back. She did this in a few short months.”
- G. Leonardo, Manager, Direct Marketing

I’d be happy to provide the names and contact information of satisfied clients upon request.

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